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1/16 Early Kenworth wrecker

I started by making the chassis of the second revell kit and stretching it by about 4 inches, the axles were fitted as normal and 2 rear inner wheels were reversed and detailed for front wheels. The rear wheels are resin ones copied from the same model some years back. The wrecker gear was scaled up from the revell kit and is a century version which again was made a few years back. The model was then finished off and weathered, then knocked about a bit as this was very much a working truck.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

1/8th Big Tub

Model built out of the box with grill headlamps, cowl lamps from lindburg big T. Hemi engine scratch built from plastic card rod, strip and tube and 2 superchargers from old toy models. Steering wheel is real hardwood rim.bigtub1 bigtub2

1/16th Scale Kenworth Wrecker

Monogram 1/16th Kenworth

For this model the chassis was streched by about 8 inches and a third drive axle and wheels fitted, then a second steer axle and wheels were also fitted. The rear body was from 40th card with some anti slip plate fitted to the walk sections. The wrecker gear was from  square section plastruc tube with the fittings from various card, strip and rod. As i had already nicked the wheels from a second kit, i also used the roof lights and extra air horns as well.


1/16th Scale Faun Truck and Trailer

SONY DSCSONY DSCI made this truck model in the usual way using 20,30,40 and 60th card and used wheels which I had cast in resin some time ago. The trailer was from various plastruct tubing and angles copying a 1/35 kit, the wheels were wood turned and mounted on 1/4 inch axles with steel rod inserts. For display I used the Tamiya Panther model.

1/16th Scale Peterbilt Wrecker Truck

Wrecker6 Wrecker7 Wrecker8I had made a few of the Monogram trucks when they first appeared but when they were re-issued from Revell, I missed them.I was offered a part kit by someone in case I could any of it, when I sorted through the box it was missing the bonnet and a few smaller parts, plus some were broken. As I like the earlier Petes with the narrow bonnet and grill, this seemed the best thing to do. A new bonnet was made from 30th card to a cardboard template and glued straight to the bulkhead and body  to make one strong unit, I then made a grill front and insert from card and strip and fixed this as well. The original mudguards had fillets added to bring it back to square again, I then cut two pieces of thin 20th card to go around the front windows to make them a bit smaller. The full size sleeper was narrowed in keeping with the early version. The rear body was from 60 th card with treadplate card fitted to all the upper surface. I decided on an early recovery gear and copied some photos to make a twin boom by a company called Weldbuilt, it works in the same way as the more usual Holmes equipment and it was rigged with twine but most of the major parts were glued up as they are all very fragile when made. The chassis was stretched by about 4 inches had the the rear loose fitted as I may change it later. Extra mirrors, lights etc were from the parts box.

1/16th Scale Zundapp Combination

zundI had made a solo Zundapp which appears elsewhere in this category and recenly a customer in America asked me to make him the same cycle but as a combination. I couldn’t find any more suitible wheels except one more rear one, so I built a sidecar, chassis and all its various parts and added it to the solo.I then added a seated figure from the Tamiya KW kit with a cap and altered the arms to fit.

1/8th Scale 1932 Ford Deuce

BIGDEUCE1 BIGDEUCE2When I first started making models, many years ago I built mostly American cars and hot rods. This kit was the recent re-release of the 1932 Ford Deuce Hot Rod from Revell ( formerly by Monogram ) After building the chassis out of the box I added an E-Type rear axle and made a new front axle from card and strip. The rear wheels were from the spares box and are original 60s Big Drag. The fronts are two rear wheels from two Revell Red Killer cycle kits. A new engine block was made from card and topped off with a supercharger from a toy, the body and grill were left fairly standard but and then painted with car aerosol purple.

1/16th Scale Show Car “Graverobber”

Many years ago I used to build all the Monogram show cars and the dragsters, and one of the best I thought was one called the Boot Hill Express. I decided to make a model in 1/16 based loosely on the Boothill. I had a set of running boards from the model T where I had nicked all the main bits so it would be a bit different, I then made a rear body from 20, 30, and 40th card and then the fun really started, I looked through all the many parts in the bits box and found a complete Ferrari engine and a set of rear wheels and tyres, lamps were from the T model and other smaller parts and remaining stuff from the spares box.

1/16th Scale Altered Dragster

This type of dragster was always a favourite of mine and having bought an Academy model Ford model T I decided to use the variousparts for this model. Achassis was made from 3/16 x 80th strip, the body was shortened by 1/2 inch and a dummy pick up bed was made from 40th card. The kit grill shell was used and a roll bar assembly from 1/8th plastic rod. The engine, fuel tank, steering wheel and parachute were from the old revelleder funny car model.

1/16th Scale Mercedes L6500 Truck

MERCTRUCK2 MERCTRUCK5This was another model I had wanted to do for some time but only had a couple of photos in an old book. I recently managed to get hold of a Wespe models 1/35 scale kit and decided to make the model in 1/16. The chassis was made from 5/8 x 60th strip braced in 4 places and a basic lower engine detail was added. The front and rear mudguards were made from 20th card and fitted. The cab and bonnet were also from 20th card and clear plastic card was added to the front screens only. The cargo bed is from 20th card covered in balsa planking and wheels are from a 1/15 Puma kit, which are about 2mm too small so its close enough.