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1/16th Harley Davidson

Harley1 Harley2 HARLEY10 HARLEY11I finally managed to build this WW2 Harley after waiting a long time to get enough parts together. The fuel tank and handlebars were from a Pyro 70s kit of an Electra glide, the wheels and engine heads were from a Yamaha twin and mudguards were from a B.S.A. The frame was from .80th rod the engine barrels from 3/16 rod covered with fine springs and crash bars from 1/16th rod. The seat, battery box, gear box and other odds were from the usual card, strip, rod and tube. The pannier bags are Das clay and the screen again from the Harley and re-shaped.

1/16th Halftrack T28

T28guntruck2 T28halftrack T28halftrack2This was another conversion on the Trumpeter halftrack kit. The flatbed was from 60th plastic card and half inch runners for the chassis, the fuel tank and stowage bins were from plastruct square tube. The 37mm main gun was from turned wood and the receiver from card, rod and strip and the 2 water cooled M/Gs from various evergreen tubing and bodys from plastic card. One of the original M/G mags were cast in resin and a basic trailer built earlier was added.

1/24th scale Half track & 88

DSC00717 DSC00721 DSC00731 DSC00734 DSC00735Having some work done on the roof last year, I had to get a lot of stuff out of the loft and although I had not forgotten that I had this model, it was in worse condition than I thought. It was built in 1972 when there was not a lot of books about on the subject and what there were was pretty vague. I used a 1/16 Bandai Cadillac for the mudguards and part of the chassis and the rest was from the then new stuff, plastic card, The half track section was a 1/30th scale Panther and the track was 1/25th Chieftain. Front pair of wheels are unknown. The six wheels and tyres for the gun were from a 1/24th scale M.P.C. Autocar truck and almost all the rest was from card and strip. It was part stripped down and rebuilt but still as original including all the mistakes as I wanted it as near to when I first made it as possible.

1/16 scale Rio Engine

RIOENGINE1 RIOENGINE2 RIOENGINE3I was asked to make these parts for a bloke who is scratchbuilding a Vietnam U.S. gun truck. He sent me a 1/35th scale resin engine and engine compartment plus an excellent book on the vehicle. I did it in the usual way with plastic card, rod, strip and tube and of course stuff from the good old bits box.

1/16th scale U.S. Bigshot

BIGSHOT1 BIGSHOT2Once again this model was for the same bloke in America who originally wanted it built out of the box as the Sherman with a few added details. He then asked me if it could be converted to an M48 Bigshot and he sent me the 1/35th AFV club model and some photos to scale up. The barrel front is from wood and plastruct tube for the rear section and the rest of the gun assembly is from plastic card strip and rod, the chassis was built out of the box with new mudguards from 30th card and 40th card for the body sides, back and front. The two cupolas were turned from wood with plastic card details and all inner detail was added as per the kit. The rear door was made to open and the spade moves up and down. The whole model was sprayed dark green and then lightened and dusted.

1/16th scale MinenraumerS

SRAUMER1 SRAUMER2 SRAUMER3This model was made for the same American bloke who had the 3 wheeled version of a mine clearer. He sent me a made up 1/35th version bought from ebay and I used this and a few photos to make this one. The main basic 4 wheels were turned from wood and a master for the pads made and they were cast in resin, when they were fitted some hexhagonal rod was used for the bolt heads. The two body sections are the same and so they were made from 30, 40, and 60th card. All various detail was added from strip, rod and tube in the usual way and whole thing airbrushed in Humbrol grey.

1/16th scale Twin 128mm flak

flaksThis was another model made for an American customer. I had made one a few years back on a part base to represent a flak tower. This was built the same way and finished in the same paint but was just a standing model. Barrels were the usual wood turned with almost everything else from plastic card, rod and strip.

1/16th scale German Panzerwerfer 42

The same in America who wanted the series of 8 wheeled armoured cars asked me to build him this model last year and I have only just got around to it. Chassis was made from 1/2 inch x 60th strip and the body was then made as a separate unit and left loose so that the customer could finish it off. All main body parts were from 60th card and the smaller add on bits from 20, 30, and 40 card plus the usual assotment of strip, rod and tube. The axles are from 1/4 inch tube with brass rod centres for strength, road and front wheels plus all track links are from resin.

1/16th Scale Mercedes

For quite a number of years I wanted to make a model of a pre-war Mercedes car with a couple of seated figures, I kept avoiding it as I did not want to convert standing figures and I could find any decent ready made sitting ones.

The car also was a bit of a problem as the two made by Academy are only two seaters and would look odd if converted to four.

The Cadillac made by the same company looked a better deal, as it was a four seater, almost the same grill, wire wheels and two side spare wheels.

I first chopped the rear top off and made it an open version and put two plastic fillets in to cover the gap it left, the rest of the model was made out of the box almost all the way through, just altering bits as I went, this included a thin piece of plastic card added to the top of the grill, new smaller headlights and the spare wheel covers left off, as wanted two figures in it I left the steering wheel off for ease of fitting them in.

The figures are two lower halves of Tamiya KW drivers with new upper bodies, heads, and arms from the good old bits box, the two have to be sat in first and then the steering wheel fitted to the drivers hands.

The pennants on the mudguards are reduced from photos and fitted to a piece of plastic rod, number plates are rub-down lettering on thin card.