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1/16th scale General Patton

PATTON1 PATTON3 PATTON4I first bought the resin figure of Patton some time back, its by a company called Jaguar. I was going to build it out of the box as it is a good model but as usual I started looking through my bits box and eventually found a greatcoat from the Tamiya M/G figure and arms, I then adapted the Patton head, helmet, legs, boots and guns. I then found a pair of binoculars and made a camera. It was fitted to a hardwood base with some basic groundwork and a fence from balsa wood.

1/16th scale ” Christmas Shopping “

SONY DSC SONY DSCAs a change and just for a bit of fun I decided to make this model showing what we all know to be fun ! Those last minute bargains and this bloke is ready for it. As many times before I sorted out the bits of figures and came up with an odd assortment of torso, arms, and accessories. The bag was just the logo from one of the advert papers.

1/16 scale Rommel figure

ROMMEL1 ROMMEL2 ROMMEL3This model came about when I bought some odds and ends of figure bits from a friend, in among them was the main part of the Tamiya M/gunner figure in the overcoat. I have never been good at figures but seeing this made me decide to have a go at one I had wanted to do for a long time of Rommel in his leather coat. I assembled the greatcoat and cleaned all the belts and trim off and filled a lot of it with green putty, I then fitted a new pair of boots from the spares and finally the Tamiya Rommel head and arms. I fixed a piece of syrofoam to the wood base and put on a couple of posts and some thread for wire.

1/16 scale German paratroopers

falshirmI had bought a Dragon figure of a german paratrooper and was going to make it as a straight out of the box model on its plastic base, then a friend gave me a Kirin resin kit of another para this time in a better pose and with a part detailed resin base. I extended the bottom of the base and added it to a wooden one and made an extra stone column from a cake decoration part and assembled the two figures together, the Kirin one was just at the right height to appear to be looking at the Dragon one. The base was painted in light sand and gradually darkened with browns and greys.