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1/16th scale Archer

ARCHER1 ARCHER3 ARCHER12 ARCHER24 ARCHER25 ARCHER27Again this was built for the American bloke, Roger White. He sent me the Bronco 1/35th model and it was scaled up in the usual way. I made a master of each of the different size road wheels and has these cast in resin. The lower hull was from 60th card and the suspension units were made from 60 and 40 card and various strip and tube, the springs are wire wrapped around tube.The upper hull and main parts were done as normal from card, strip and rod. The main gun carraige was from 60 card and the breech unit from card and plastruct tubing, the barrel was an aluminium part supplied by Roger. The track was from the old 1/25th scale Panther models and though not right, they looked OK once fitted. The finished model was done in grey primer and then sent off and it was spayed and weathered by his friend Rick.

1/16th scale 55mm flak

55flak2 55mmflak4 55mmflak5 55mmflak6Following on from the 37mm twin, this was for the same bloke. Although there is not much to be found about the 55mm flak, I did have a couple of fair photos in a book and with some modellers licence that was enough. The main carraige was made from 60th card with smaller fittings from strip and rod. The main receiver was from plastruct tube and evergreen tube, the barrel was a turned wood item with a flash arrestor from a mastic glue gun tip. The recuporators were from 1/4,3/16 and 1/8th tube and all gunner controls from card strip and rod with control wheels from curtain rings. The bogies were again scaled down versions of an 88 and wheels were previously resin cast ones.

1/16th scale Twin 37mm

This again was built for the American bloke, Roger White. The main gun body was from 40th card with the trunnions cut out and made to rotate, the receivers were then made from square tube and round at the front and wooden paint brush handles for the barrels and cake decoration nozzles for the arrestors. The trailer was a bit of modellers license but was said to be similar to a smaller version of the 88 but less complex, these again were from card, strip and rod. The wheels were resin items that I had made earlier.

1/16th scale Drilling

Drilling5 drilling11Another model made for the American bloke, Roger White was the triple barrel ” Drilling ” Model built in the usual way from Plastic card, rod, strip and tube using the 1/35th AFV club model to scale up. The shells for this were 1/35th scale 48mm which came out quite close and these were fitted to a thin card ammo belt and then to the ammo boxes one end and the guns at the other. Extra boxes were cast from resin and when grey primed it was sent to a guy called Rick for finishing and then on to Roger. Rick also built a 251 H/track for the drilling to mount in and had it towing the earlier built 30mm flakā€¦some serious firepower !

1/16th scale Treibwagen

BIG ASS RAIL GUN 001 BIG ASS RAIL GUN 006 bigarserailgun1 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCThis was another model built for the American bloke, Roger White. It was scaled up as usual from the 1/35th scale kit starting with a 60th base reinforced inside with bracing strips, the wheels are from resin and then the top was added from 60th card, strip and rod and a lot of superglue to keep it all straight. I made the openings for both turrets but only had one to work from, so I made both lots of turret skirts and when it was all finished, I sent it to him for a friend of his to paint, weather and add the other turret.

1/16th scale Fahrgestell

Munitionpanzer1 Munitionpanzer2 Munitionpanzer3 Munitionpanzer4 Munitionpanzer6 Munitionpanzer7This was the obvious follow up to the Karl. The American guy sent me the Henlong Pz4 and this was first cut across the engine deck and the rear section removed, I then built the ammo box with hinging and folding lids and this was fitted to the top. New front guard sections were made from card and fitted, a new front to the fighting compartment was made and a new shaped drivers plate. The crane was from a 1/2 inch upright tube for the main stand and the boom from 1/4 inch tube with metal rods inserted. All the other detail was added in the usual way from card, rod, and strip and again the whole lot was painted in grey. 5 wood turned shells were made, 4 for the ammo box and 1 for the back of the Karl.

1/16th scale Morser Karl

Morserkarl6 Morserkarl8 Morserkarl12 Morserkarl16 Morserkarl17 Morserkarl20 Morserkarl22 Morserkarl23This is another model built for the American Roger White. Although I had looked into doing one of these some time back, the problem was tracks. So when Roger asked me about doing one I reckoned the best thing to do was use some Bandai 1/15th Panzer4 tracks and sprockets, which because the model would be in 1/16th the extra size on the links would look better. About 1and a half sets were needed and he supplied these, I then had the wheels turned from wood as pairs and detailed the fronts.I made the idlers from plastic card, strip and rod and used 1/35th Challenger wheels altered for the return rollers. The lower hull was made in the usual way from card,strip and rod and tube axles with steel rod inserts fitted through the body.The 1/35th Trumpeter kit was used for scaling up and the rest was built following this from various thickness of card. The main gun body was from card and detailed with some nylon nuts and rod. I had the 2 different barrels made as he wanted the choice. The model was done in car grey primer as I went along and then finished in panzer grey. I left it like this as he might leave it or change it to sand.