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1/16th Scale Altered Dragster

This type of dragster was always a favourite of mine and having bought an Academy model Ford model T I decided to use the variousparts for this model. Achassis was made from 3/16 x 80th strip, the body was shortened by 1/2 inch and a dummy pick up bed was made from 40th card. The kit grill shell was used and a roll bar assembly from 1/8th plastic rod. The engine, fuel tank, steering wheel and parachute were from the old revelleder funny car model.

1/16th Scale Mercedes L6500 Truck

MERCTRUCK2 MERCTRUCK5This was another model I had wanted to do for some time but only had a couple of photos in an old book. I recently managed to get hold of a Wespe models 1/35 scale kit and decided to make the model in 1/16. The chassis was made from 5/8 x 60th strip braced in 4 places and a basic lower engine detail was added. The front and rear mudguards were made from 20th card and fitted. The cab and bonnet were also from 20th card and clear plastic card was added to the front screens only. The cargo bed is from 20th card covered in balsa planking and wheels are from a 1/15 Puma kit, which are about 2mm too small so its close enough.

1/16th Scale Late Field Kitchen

I made this model copying the Tamiya 1/35 scale model scaling it in the usual way to 1/16 and fitting it with a late pair of truck wheels from the spares box. I made it to go with the Protze truck I was building in perhaps a diorama, but now I’m not sure. The body was from 60th card with a chassis from 1/8 x 80 strip and covered on top with 30th card, mudguards from 20th card and all doors and fittings from 10 and 20 card. I made it with two chimneys, one folded and the other in the working position and a moveable lid for the main pot.

1/16th Scale Henschel 33D Truck

henschel1 henschel2 henschel3 henschel4Like many people I have been waiting for one of the model companys to bring out a model of German softskin lorry and then I could scale it up !! I decided I couldn’t wait any longer so I dug out some old drawings of a Henschel 6 x 4 that had all the dimensions and what I could not see I would have to use some modellers license ( where would we be without it ) The chassis was made from 1/2 inch x 60th strip as was the crossmembers and I did the same as on the Protze model making a floorboard extending to the front and fitting the bonnet to this, the wings were made to extend down below the chassis and the running boards were then fitted a bit higher.The bulkhead and cab are from 40th card, the rear suspension was made as near to the real thing as I could with outer swing arms supporting the two axles and with sway bars fitted to the axle middles and then to the chassis. I had a tyre and rim in resin and to this I added a dish middle with bolts inside and out so as to use for back and front, ten were then made by Castoff, again the rear cargo body was balsa over plastic sheet and the canvas covers for the cab and rear are from Das clay. Now I need to finish the details and get it painted.

1/16th Scale Protze Truck

protze1 protze2 protze3 protze4I have always wanted to do a German soft skin vehicle as a change from armour and as I had the Protze truck in 1/35 scale by Tamiya I decided to do this one as the version that carried the 20mm flak gun. I copied the parts almost straight from the kit and scaled them to 1/16 as I went, the main chassis is from 1/4 x 80th strip and to this I mounted a floorboard which continued right to the grill front, this way I could make the bonnet and have somewhere to fix it.After making a cardboard template I made the bonnet from 20th card and shaped it to fit the bulkhead from 60th card, the mudguards were also from 20 card as was the inner covers for the engine extensions. The rear suspension was a big cheat made as a fixed unit from 1/4 tube axles and fitted to centre hangers,when the connecting arms were fixed I hoped it looked like the independent suspensions all other parts were made in the usual way from card and strip. I had a 1/16 tyre from an old Bandai model from many years back and I fitted a middle to it and had 8 made by Castoff. The rear body is covered with balsa planking fitted to card and eventually I will fit the 20mm gun that I have ready made from Verlinden, unless I use it to tow the late version of the field kitchen..ummm.

Volkswagon Beetle

vw_back1 vw_front1The model used for this quick conversion was the 1/16 Revell VW Beetle. The model was built more or less out of the box and during assembly I dropped the suspension back and front to allow for larger wheels and also opened up the wheel arches by about 2mm. New more basic lamps were added to the rear, a notek light fitted on the top of the front mudguard and a re-arranged top cover from the original. The wheels and tyres are from a 1/24 Italera truck model with new centres added from thin card. I copied the photos found in the Schiffer book as a four wheel drive version. I did not add the steering wheel yet as I am planning on fitting a figure from the Tamiya KW model which I hope can be fitted through the roof along with the steering wheel.

1/16th Scale B.M.W. Car

16BMWCAR1 16BMWCAR2This model was made using a couple of photos from an old German book on WW2 military vehicles. The running board assembly is from an Academy 1931 Ford, stretched by 1/2 inch with the bonnet, floorboards, and seat backs from 20 and 30 plastic card. The kit also supplied the steering wheel and bumpers.

1/16th Scale Horse Drawn Cart

I built this model straight after the other one as I had seen a photo of it that stated it was of WW1 design but was still used into the second world war, it was again built from Balsa and plastic strip and also left unpainted, the thing needed with both these is of course some Horses which I am hoping will turn up.

1/16th Scale Horse Drawn Wagon

For some time I wanted to do a WW2 German horse drawn wagon, I had the 1/35 Esci model and although not accurate I had also just bought a book by Schiffer on various wagons. The whole thing was made from Balsa wood as I had this already and plastic strips were added to the sides, the front and rear axles and brake bar were from 3/16 square tube and the wheels are from the Hobbies company in plastic. The front axle went on in a different position to the Esci one as they have fitted it too far back, I then added all the smaller details, but have yet to paint it.

1/16th Scale Zundapp Motorcycle

Like most military modellers I have been waiting for someone to bring out a 1/16 model of a motorbike, but as it still had not happened I thought I would have a go at one myself. I had the 1/35 Tamiya model and used this to scale up from. I  knew I had some old parts from the early Revell models of bikes that they made about a hundred years ago and found a suitible pair of wheels made entirely from plastic ( no rubber tyres in my day ) I soon realised I could not use much else so I made a basic frame from 1/16 rod and wrapped a couple of shaped pieces of 20th card, the fuel tank top is from Das clay. The cylinder blocks are from pieces of 15 th card and the seats are shaped pieces of 20 th card. The rider figure is a Verlinden model with arms altered to fit one on the handlebar and one on the seat grip. The whole point of the model was for a future diorama, but as it never came off it now sits in the cupboard waiting.