1/8th Scale Semi scratchbuilt Dragontomb

Sometime back I made a model of a Revell 1/8 scale trike kit but I made it more to European style than American, the model is called the Dragonfire and the main part of the frame is formed as a basic model of a Dragon with all the fittings coming off from it. As a typical model maker I could not bring myself to throw this away and so I made it up and then thought about doing this. I fitted it to a piece of thick card and then added a step to give it some height, around top and sides I started to add some Verlinden skulls and bones and then started to blend in some Das clay, I soon realised it was semi Alien looking, I then sprayed the whole thing with car undercoat grey and black. The end result is quite pleasing and its better than dumping anything !!

dragtomb1 dragtomb2