1/6th Scale Alien BioMech Bike

The BioMech bike can about after reading Geigers alien book when he describes his drawings as bio-mechanical.
I had an old Halycon model of the alien that was given to me and was wrecked. Instead of rebuilding it in kit form i decided on something different.


The rear tyre is from an ashtray with the middle from plastic card

The front wheel is a trolley wheel from B&Q’s.

The main frame is from 1/4 and 5/16 inch evergreen tube.
The alien chest and tail were fitted to a piece of shaped das clay to form a fuel tank and seat combination.

Tube and bones make up the front forks.

The engine was made from pieces of 40th card and detailed with various strip and rod.

The alien head was added to the top front of the forks, and the hands are now footrest.

Scale is around 1/5th