1/16th Scale Peterbilt Wrecker Truck

Wrecker6 Wrecker7 Wrecker8I had made a few of the Monogram trucks when they first appeared but when they were re-issued from Revell, I missed them.I was offered a part kit by someone in case I could any of it, when I sorted through the box it was missing the bonnet and a few smaller parts, plus some were broken. As I like the earlier Petes with the narrow bonnet and grill, this seemed the best thing to do. A new bonnet was made from 30th card to a cardboard template and glued straight to the bulkhead and body  to make one strong unit, I then made a grill front and insert from card and strip and fixed this as well. The original mudguards had fillets added to bring it back to square again, I then cut two pieces of thin 20th card to go around the front windows to make them a bit smaller. The full size sleeper was narrowed in keeping with the early version. The rear body was from 60 th card with treadplate card fitted to all the upper surface. I decided on an early recovery gear and copied some photos to make a twin boom by a company called Weldbuilt, it works in the same way as the more usual Holmes equipment and it was rigged with twine but most of the major parts were glued up as they are all very fragile when made. The chassis was stretched by about 4 inches had the the rear loose fitted as I may change it later. Extra mirrors, lights etc were from the parts box.