1/16th Scale Kubelwagon and Horse Drawn Diorama

Scratch built Kubelwagen made to 1/16 scale from 20,30, and 4Oth card and various strip and rod, scaled up from Italeri kit, wheels from 1/25 truck model with new centres made from card rod and wheel bolts.

Five fiqures made from Verlinden and Dragon models and two purchased from trucks and tracks show, last two unknown make both dressed in overcoats, all equipment and accessories from Verlinden.


28mm Anti-tankgun scratch built using mainly parts from the “bits box”, wheels from old resin castings, carraige from 20,30 and 4oth card and various strip and rod. Trailer again from card and strip.

Horse for towing gun from old Frontline model with all reins and fittings from 5 and 10th card, food stores and fuel cans from Verlinden.
Wall section made from card and covered in polyfilla, gate pillars from cake stands and gates and wall railings from 1/16 rod and 1/8 x 20th strip, water pump scratchbuilt. Plywood baseboard 20 inches x 12 covered in polyfilla

Parts approx 950. Time approx 140 hrs. ApriI/June 98

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