1/16th Scale Henschel 33D Truck

henschel1 henschel2 henschel3 henschel4Like many people I have been waiting for one of the model companys to bring out a model of German softskin lorry and then I could scale it up !! I decided I couldn’t wait any longer so I dug out some old drawings of a Henschel 6 x 4 that had all the dimensions and what I could not see I would have to use some modellers license ( where would we be without it ) The chassis was made from 1/2 inch x 60th strip as was the crossmembers and I did the same as on the Protze model making a floorboard extending to the front and fitting the bonnet to this, the wings were made to extend down below the chassis and the running boards were then fitted a bit higher.The bulkhead and cab are from 40th card, the rear suspension was made as near to the real thing as I could with outer swing arms supporting the two axles and with sway bars fitted to the axle middles and then to the chassis. I had a tyre and rim in resin and to this I added a dish middle with bolts inside and out so as to use for back and front, ten were then made by Castoff, again the rear cargo body was balsa over plastic sheet and the canvas covers for the cab and rear are from Das clay. Now I need to finish the details and get it painted.