1/16th Scale “Fallen”

I have always been interested in the Vietnam war but all the early figures from Verlinden were I thought a bit basic. When I saw a recently released figure by Gog Tag, I decided to have a go at it just as a single figure on its original base. When I looked at the Historex site and saw another by the same company of a U.S. marine in the Pacific, I realised it could also be adapted for the same diorama.I found 2 more small resin bases in the spares box and fitted all the base parts down to a hardwood base, all the gaps in between were filled with ployfilla and das. A third figure was made using odd parts and wrapped in thin das clay for the fallen comrade. I gave the Marine figure an M16 in place of the machette and a flak jacket from thin rolled das. I found a few more asseccories and added these around the base.


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