1/16th Scale “Bridge over the Volga”

I decided to have a go at a diorama that would include a 20mm flak 30 that I had previously scratchbuilt some time earlier but wasn’t sure how to show it. I looked through some books and found just what I needed, a couple of photos showing a 20mm flak and crew in place overlooking the Volga river in late 1942. I cut a piece of MDF board to 12 x 10 inches and fixed down a piece of expanded styrene and painted the whole lot in dark earth, I then spread some Unibond glue randomly over the surface and sprinkled on some baking powder and a small amount of lichen. The three standing figures were made up from various bits from the spares box, the sitting figure had to have some fairly major surgery to get him to fit in the seat properly and after some pushing and shoving got him in OK. The gun, figures and accessories were then fixed down and another dusting of snow was added.

DSC00598 DSC00602 DSC00701 DSC00704 DSC00705

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