1/15th Scale German Railgun K12

The same nutter ( oops customer ) who had the set of 1/35 railguns also had a 1/15 K5 and decided that the K12 would compliment it nicely. He made all the centre main carraige from 1/2 inch ply wood, the truck bolsters from 1/4 inch ply and the wheels he turned again from plywood, he then sent all the parts to me for detailing, the springs are from 1/4 x 40th strip and the axle boxes from square and round tube, brakes are from card and strip and the truck tops and sides are from 60th card. The barrel trunnion housings are from 30, 40, and 60 card with strip details, the barrel is again turned from wood. The paint is Panzer grey, not pink as it appears !!

1k12 2k12 3k12