1/24th scale Half track & 88

DSC00717 DSC00721 DSC00731 DSC00734 DSC00735Having some work done on the roof last year, I had to get a lot of stuff out of the loft and although I had not forgotten that I had this model, it was in worse condition than I thought. It was built in 1972 when there was not a lot of books about on the subject and what there were was pretty vague. I used a 1/16 Bandai Cadillac for the mudguards and part of the chassis and the rest was from the then new stuff, plastic card, The half track section was a 1/30th scale Panther and the track was 1/25th Chieftain. Front pair of wheels are unknown. The six wheels and tyres for the gun were from a 1/24th scale M.P.C. Autocar truck and almost all the rest was from card and strip. It was part stripped down and rebuilt but still as original including all the mistakes as I wanted it as near to when I first made it as possible.