1/16th scale Morser Karl

Morserkarl6 Morserkarl8 Morserkarl12 Morserkarl16 Morserkarl17 Morserkarl20 Morserkarl22 Morserkarl23This is another model built for the American Roger White. Although I had looked into doing one of these some time back, the problem was tracks. So when Roger asked me about doing one I reckoned the best thing to do was use some Bandai 1/15th Panzer4 tracks and sprockets, which because the model would be in 1/16th the extra size on the links would look better. About 1and a half sets were needed and he supplied these, I then had the wheels turned from wood as pairs and detailed the fronts.I made the idlers from plastic card, strip and rod and used 1/35th Challenger wheels altered for the return rollers. The lower hull was made in the usual way from card,strip and rod and tube axles with steel rod inserts fitted through the body.The 1/35th Trumpeter kit was used for scaling up and the rest was built following this from various thickness of card. The main gun body was from card and detailed with some nylon nuts and rod. I had the 2 different barrels made as he wanted the choice. The model was done in car grey primer as I went along and then finished in panzer grey. I left it like this as he might leave it or change it to sand.

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