1/16th Scale Mercedes

For quite a number of years I wanted to make a model of a pre-war Mercedes car with a couple of seated figures, I kept avoiding it as I did not want to convert standing figures and I could find any decent ready made sitting ones.

The car also was a bit of a problem as the two made by Academy are only two seaters and would look odd if converted to four.

The Cadillac made by the same company looked a better deal, as it was a four seater, almost the same grill, wire wheels and two side spare wheels.

I first chopped the rear top off and made it an open version and put two plastic fillets in to cover the gap it left, the rest of the model was made out of the box almost all the way through, just altering bits as I went, this included a thin piece of plastic card added to the top of the grill, new smaller headlights and the spare wheel covers left off, as wanted two figures in it I left the steering wheel off for ease of fitting them in.

The figures are two lower halves of Tamiya KW drivers with new upper bodies, heads, and arms from the good old bits box, the two have to be sat in first and then the steering wheel fitted to the drivers hands.

The pennants on the mudguards are reduced from photos and fitted to a piece of plastic rod, number plates are rub-down lettering on thin card.