1/16th Scale German 8 wheeled Armoured car

As is usualy the case a Tamiya model was used for scaling up, this time their old, but still good 8 wheeled annoured car.

I started with a rectangle chassis from 1/2 inch x 60th strip and to this added the lower main side walls, inside I made card pieces to the correct angle to keep both the same, I then added the front and rear plates and cut templates out for the top rear side and top front rear plates and made these from 60th card then the top rear and top front plates were added, this time from 40th card.

All the rear deck detaiJ was added next, and vision slit covers made from 20th card and Imm x .5mm strip, the suspensions were made following the kit from 40 and 60 card and various rod and strip, for strength long one piece axles were made from 1/4 solid rod.

The wheel was from an old tyre going back years with a new middle fitted and then 9 were cast in resin.

A short barrel 75mm gun was scratchbuilt and added and ammo lockers from card, the model was painted sand, red brown and green At the same time I also built the turret version of the same vehicle. These were both made for a customer in the States and he has since painted them in plain sand. The last four photos are the ones he sent me when they were completed..