1/16th scale Fahrgestell

Munitionpanzer1 Munitionpanzer2 Munitionpanzer3 Munitionpanzer4 Munitionpanzer6 Munitionpanzer7This was the obvious follow up to the Karl. The American guy sent me the Henlong Pz4 and this was first cut across the engine deck and the rear section removed, I then built the ammo box with hinging and folding lids and this was fitted to the top. New front guard sections were made from card and fitted, a new front to the fighting compartment was made and a new shaped drivers plate. The crane was from a 1/2 inch upright tube for the main stand and the boom from 1/4 inch tube with metal rods inserted. All the other detail was added in the usual way from card, rod, and strip and again the whole lot was painted in grey. 5 wood turned shells were made, 4 for the ammo box and 1 for the back of the Karl.

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