1/16th scale Archer

ARCHER1 ARCHER3 ARCHER12 ARCHER24 ARCHER25 ARCHER27Again this was built for the American bloke, Roger White. He sent me the Bronco 1/35th model and it was scaled up in the usual way. I made a master of each of the different size road wheels and has these cast in resin. The lower hull was from 60th card and the suspension units were made from 60 and 40 card and various strip and tube, the springs are wire wrapped around tube.The upper hull and main parts were done as normal from card, strip and rod. The main gun carraige was from 60 card and the breech unit from card and plastruct tubing, the barrel was an aluminium part supplied by Roger. The track was from the old 1/25th scale Panther models and though not right, they looked OK once fitted. The finished model was done in grey primer and then sent off and it was spayed and weathered by his friend Rick.