1/16th scale 55mm flak

55flak2 55mmflak4 55mmflak5 55mmflak6Following on from the 37mm twin, this was for the same bloke. Although there is not much to be found about the 55mm flak, I did have a couple of fair photos in a book and with some modellers licence that was enough. The main carraige was made from 60th card with smaller fittings from strip and rod. The main receiver was from plastruct tube and evergreen tube, the barrel was a turned wood item with a flash arrestor from a mastic glue gun tip. The recuporators were from 1/4,3/16 and 1/8th tube and all gunner controls from card strip and rod with control wheels from curtain rings. The bogies were again scaled down versions of an 88 and wheels were previously resin cast ones.

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