1/15th Scale Sturmtiger

When I was asked to build a large scale model of a Sturmtiger, the first base kit I thought of was the Tamiya one.

sturmtiger1 sturmtiger2

The only trouble was there would be a lot of unused bits over, I knew I had a few parts from a Bandai model that on there own were not much use and some Verlinden Tiger parts.

I finally sorted out a Bandai lower hull, drivers plate, glacis plate and track and then a pair of Verlinden exhausts and various small parts. I bought a set of Resin Tiger 2 wheels from a friend and altered the hubs and a pair of resin sprockets and idlers from someone else and we were in business the axles ΒΌ inch tube with metal rod inners and the body top and fighting compartment from 60th card, the barrel and half ball mount were turned from wood.

All the rest was from the usual Evergreen rod, strip and tube. The model was finished in sand, red brown and green and after all the scrounging for bits was named ” Pig’s Ear”

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