1/10th Scale Daimler (Dingo)

Tamiya 1/35 scale Dingo model scaled up to 1/10 and also plans and photos from profile, basic floor shape and lower side walls from 60th card shaped as kit and fitted together with rear lower bulkhead.
Second false floor from 30th card with all internal parts added, fuel tank and radio from various card and strip and rod pieces for radio front cover, seat frames from 1/8 tube with middles from 20th card with lacing of thread mounted to floor, all internals painted where possible and whole unit fitted.

Top side, front, and rear walls added next, again shaped to fit and inner vision slit doors made from 20th card with edging of 20 x 80th strip and 3Oth rod for rivet heads, handles also from rod. Steering wheel 1/16 rod outer rim and shaped 20th card spokes, gearstick and brake from 1/16 rod and 30 x 30 strip.

Outside vision slit detail added as with inner, rear engine deck from 20 and 30th card, and mudguards from 40th card, all other details added as per kit and photos, rear preachers seat top from Das clay. Resin wheels cast from Esci 1/9 Kubelwagen fitted with 20th card shaped centres and fitted to 3/16 tube axles made as original in top and bottom wishbone design, all axle assemblies fitted direct to underpan of model, lights, mirror and horn from scrap or spares box. Front stowage box/bumper from 30, 40th card and strip and rod for hinges. Painted in Light olive drab

Approx. 140 hours
Approx. 1200 parts
January 1998