Dave Tootill’s Model Website

My name is Dave Tootill and I’ve been making models for over 50 years, I’ve seen and made more models than I care to remember, most of which are either now sold, broken, lost or dismantled for use in other projects.

I mainly specialise in scratch built models and large scale projects but over the years have been involved in a huge range of projects including to name but a few, figures, military vehicales, dioramas, railguns, science fiction and hundreds of random items that cant really be categorised.


My most recent (and possibly last) Space Jockey project was such a massive undertaking I decided it should have its own website (which will be finished in the next few days) to show the full extent of the amount of time and work and pain involved. It took 2 years (on an off) to complete and I think it is the most ambitious and impressive projects i’ve done.

Here is a list of some other projects I’ve made, starting with the most recent.