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1/16th scale U.S. M3 Half track

HT   PIV 001 HT   PIV 002 HT   PIV 003 HT   PIV 004This was another combined ops model for the same American bloke who had the SU122 conversion. I built the rear of the model and scratchbuilt the 75mm gun and shield and any added extras. The whole lot was then sent to the U.S. for him to fit to the Trupeter Half track. The guys name is Roger White and I still have a couple of other models to do for him.

1/16th scale S.U.122

SU-122 003 SU-122 004 SU-122-001 SU-122-002An American bloke that I have done work for previously sent me the hull top of a R/C T34 and I had to build the mantlet, gun, and all parts to convert to a SU 122. The manlet was built in the usual way with card templates and then covered with Das clay, a new front glacis plate was from 60th card and all fittings and fixtures from card, strip and rod. The guys name is Roger and must have a serious collection by now !! When my part was done I sent it to a mate of his called Rick who finished and painted it. I think he made a superb job of the paint and I look forward to more to doing more stuff.

1/16th scale Chevy Tanake

TANAKE TANAKE2 TANAKE3 TANAKE4These parts were made for the American guy called Roger White who has had quite a lot of stuff from me. I made the rear section of this vehicle, which was known as a Tanake. I have to admit that I know very little about it but it did make a change. Parts were made in the usual way from plastic card, rod and strip to measurements that he sent me. When completed it was sent to a friend of his, Rick who mounted it on an existing ready made cab and chassis, he then painted and finished it off.

1/6th scale Challenger parts

CHALLYBITS1 CHALLYBITS2 CHALLYBITS3 CHALLYBITS4 CHALLYBITS5I made this up-armour set for a customer of Mark1 tanks. Main side skirts are from 40 and 60th card and spaced with plastruct rectangle tube, front panels were added seperately and all the bolt detail from hex rod. The front armour and exhausts were made the same way. Bottom edge curtain is from jeans matertial made up in separate pieces and superglued to the bottom inside edge.

1/6th scale U-Boat conning tower

DSC00775 DSC00778 DSC00779This another model built by Peter Shaw. He made a deck section about 8 feet long and a conning tower, this was then fitted out with all the detail parts. Sme of the parts were turned up by our usual woodturner and some were made by myself but the bulk was made by Mr. Shaw from various woods and large amounts of glue.

1/16th scale U.S. Half Track M15A1

37ANDTWIN1 37ANDTWIN2 37ANDTWIN3 37ANDTWIN4 SONY DSC SONY DSCThis was another combined ops model for the same bloke as before, Roger White. I made the gun carraige as usual from 40 and 60th card and all the smaller fittings from various strip, rod and tube. The barrel was an old paint brush with just the right taper and then fitted with plastic card breech block and gun slide. The Twin M/Gs are from the trumpeter kit with extra mags fitted around base of gun tub. The 37mm shell cases are from plastic card and fitted to the upper edge of the tub. When my bit was done I sent it to Roger and he had it finished off.

1/16th scale Russian Aerosan

AEROSAN2 AEROSAN3This was another model built for American Roger White, a keen collector.He sent me a 1/35th Kirin kit of the aerosan and although I had heard of it, I had never seen one.I started with the main body tub from 20, 30, and 40th card, the engine box was from 40 card with strip sections back and front and some netting fitted for the grill, two shaped pieces of 40th card were then made and fitted to the engine and the whole assembly mounted in position. The main lower axle arms were from 1/8th tube with brass rod inserts, the side lower arms were then added using the same method and fially the top arms with the suspensions from solder wire wound to shape and glued in place.The 4 skis with mounting blocks were made from various card and strip and left loose. The 2 figures are Germans in winter uniforms with lower bodies from Tamiyas KW drivers and the seats from Das clay. The M/G ring is from brass rod and the Russian M/G altered to fit, lastly the prop is a bought item from a R/C shop. The whole thing was painted in grey primer and finally sprayed in matt white.